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What should I wear?

Clothing should reflect you and your personality, but at the same time it's best to keep things simple and "classic". Do try and avoid complex prints or fabrics with lots of tiny lines. Make sure your clothes have been steamed or pressed, and that your transport them in such a way as to avoid creases and wrinkles.


If you wear glasses, where possible avoid photochromic or transition types. They tend to darken up at the worse times and hide your eyes. Feel free to bring them, or sunglasses, for candid or stylish non-yearbook shots though.

Makeup and hair tips:

I do not suggest the use of sparkly, glitter makeup as it can result in bright spots on your skin that are distracting, and time consuming to remove. Bring a hair brush or comb, and hairspray in case of wind or humidity, and any touch up makeup. Make sure to remove any old, chipped fingernail polish.

Can I change outfits?

You may bring as many outfits as you like, but realize that changing cuts into shoot time. Most seniors limit themselves to a max of three. Because you may be changing in public, girls might consider a tank, bandeau or sport bra under their tops, and yoga shorts on the bottom. Boys can usually get away with boxers, a bathing suit or the like. I generally have a cover up with me for modesty purposes as well. Remember you probably will have to carry all your clothing with you. Girls, make sure the straps for your undergarments aren't visible if it isn't part of your style.

How long is my session?

Senior portrait shoots last about an hour on average.

What about locations?

I work with you or your senior to find out what locations best fit their personality (hobbies, sports played, likes, and so on) and what will make them the most comfortable. Depending where we end up, it is sometimes possible to shoot at multiple locations so long as they are close to each other and fit within your session time. Your sitting fee includes travel to a location within a 20 mile drive of South Carver. For locations further out there will be an additional travel fee.

Can I have shots with friend(s) or family.

The goal for your session is that it is all about YOU, so we cannot share a single session. If your friend would like their own session, we can often book them back to back with yours, and in some cases have one "super sesssion" (rates remain the same, this is merely a scheduling accomodation). For family, we can sometimes accomodate a few shots during the senior session for an additional fee. Please inquire.

How about scheduling and weather?

We'll figure out two dates that fit with work, school and/or extracurricular activities. One for the shoot, and one for a rain date. Weekends are the most in demand, so you will need to be flexible about shooting on a weekday. Most coaches for athletics are understanding of the need to miss a practice for senior portraits, so don't be afraid to ask.

What if it rains?

“If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” - Long range forecasts are notoriously inaccurate. Usually we won't make the final call on rescheduling until a couple hours before your shoot time. Check out this engagement photo. There was lightening, thunder and rain up to about an hour before the couple's session!

Do you submit my yearbook photo?

I submit the chosen yearbook photo directly to the yearbook advisor via email or upload, where possible. Some places are still "old school" and require your photo on CD or DVD and I will mail that to the address and contact you provide.
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